the best juju: the rise above flower

RAF yellow 1 A few years ago as the snow melted and the ground thawed, my fellow psychotherapists and I got together and exchanged perennial plants.

I got a gem.RAF yellow 2

My friend Meredith brought a plant she didn’t know the name of but described as “kind of a yellow iris” that sent a shoot up at the end of summer with the “cutest little flower” on it. I traded a purply-blue lupine for one.

RAF yellow 3This year the lush-petaled June iris fought for space with my lupines,
which loved last year’s cold winter.

As the Macoun apples reddened on the tree, after the lupines and the
first irises died back, six foot shoots burst fortRAF yellow 4h from long, flat leaves, wider apart than the span of my arms.

At the top of the shoots sun-yellow flowers popped out. I’ve consulted iris specialists and searched the internet to no avail – I can’t find any reference to this plant. It’s given me the freedom to christen it the “Rise Above Flower.”

Turns out we all worked hard at growth in the garden as well as in the mind – whenever I return home tired, sad, feeling like there’s no energy left or nothing to give, I smile at the joy in these flowers. I rise again!



Photo credit: Jude Maloney


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