the best juju: groundhog day

I’ve made 10 resolutions that I think even Bill Murray could embrace for the new year:

1) Eat less kale.

I’ve eaten so much kale in the last two years it’s time to give it a rest. One hundred kale smoothies with pineapple and ice must carry a benefit that covers the future. Each Spring I buy Curly kale, Dinosaur kale, Red Russian kale , Siberian kale plants at the farmer’s market for the garden. Do svidaniya, kale.

2) Eat more tropical fruits. (to make up for the “less kale.”)

Since I aspire to be a locavore, I want my food locally produced, making this resolution a two-fer. I’ll have to travel to the Caribbean for papayas, to Mexico for mangoes, to India for coconuts. Or, at least to Hawaii. Next best, I’ll imagine myself in those warm locales when I eat the fruit.

3) Speak my truths.

Contribute to conversations in the most real and authentic way I can. Anything else is wasting everybody’s time.

4) Listen to my body and immerse myself in life.

Eat when I’m hungry. Sleep when I’m tired. Indulge in sensual pleasures like walking barefoot in the sand, jumping into the water, raising my face to the waterfall.

5) Listen to my mind.

It knows what’s best for me, what I need to do. I’ll discard the “shoulds” and replace them with “coulds.”

6) Say “Yes!” more often.

Stop asking myself, “Why should I?” Reframe it to, “Why not?”

7) Ask, “Is thBlog Image 020215is a step toward where I want to go, or a step away?”

Proceed accordingly.

8) Stay connected.

Get the news through written media, participate in events, volunteer more.

9) Do good things.

Donate to good causes. Ask myself, “What can I contribute now that will elevate this situation?”

10) And finally, express to others how I couldn’t imagine my life without them in it, how much I love them.

Photo: sunset over New Haven harbor. Photo credit: jude maloney

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